A highly successful Washington Lobbyist
Engel Burns on Youth Ministry Annual Events

Based in Maryland, Engel D. Burns has participated in several political campaigns. A government affairs professional, Engel Burns also dedicates time as the Youth Minister at Rising Sun First Baptist Church in Woodlawn, Maryland.

Annual events help build tradition in a youth ministry. Parents allow their children to participate because they have heard of the event before. Young people look forward to annual events, especially if older peers speak positively about them. Repeated get-togethers over long periods show others that the church cares about its youth.

Creating yearly events can happen with ease. Any gathering can be labeled “annual” and reevaluated after the fact. If everyone enjoyed the function, by all means continue it! If it failed, then you can simply develop something new for the subsequent year. Ongoing events do not have to be limited by past history. You can tweak them depending on the composition of the youth ministry and societal trends.