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The Rising Sun First Baptist Church By Engel Burns

The Rising Sun First Baptist Church is the realization of Reverend Dr. Emmett Burns, Junior, who, shortly after moving to Baltimore in 1979, felt a calling to organize a church in the area. The church began modestly, with the reverend hosting five female congregants in his home on a weekly basis. This group formed the core of the organization, which began hosting services at Campfield Elementary School in March of 1984.

After several years of organizing in various schools, the church purchased a 1.8 acre property. Located on Saint Lukes Lane, the location was officially dedicated in 1990. The congregation has flourished in the years since, with growth marked by such milestones as the opening of a Christian Fellowship Center in 1999. The church expanded its ministry by opening a second location in Catonsville in 2003.

Engel Burns, son of Reverend Dr. Emmett Burns, balances his career as a pharmaceutical lobbyist by acting as an assistant minister for the Rising Sun First Baptist Church. Ebony Magazine recently spotlighted him as a major player in his industry.